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Hand Reaching OutI welcome you to 12 Stones Fellowship. I truly believe you are not here by accident. The whole focus of 12 Stones Fellowship is to help others see the real Jesus and to help you know that God loves you, right here where you are, right now. Do you believe this? Please understand we are a new fellowship and want to give you as much information as possible so be patient with us and you will continue to see this website develop as we grow in the purpose of God's promises for us (and especially you)!

God Bless,

Dito Padro

The Story

Hand Reaching OutWant to learn more about the "The Story"? Check out the website. Have a smart phone? There is an app you can download to keep The Story close at hand! There are links to share with your friends and family on the site via Twitter, Facebook and email on the page.

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Bible Reading Plan

"Reading the Bible for Life" - Join Pastor Eric and the rest of our Leadership Team as we go through this One Year Reading Plan.

Recommended Websites

Pastor Eric Norton has put together a list of recommended websites to use as references. To see the full lisit, visit our Suggested Sites page.

For more up-to-date notices, events and changes, please visit our Facebook page.

Bible Reading Guide

Todays Bible Reading:

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Sunday - 10:30 am

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